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The Society was organized on December 21, 1908, by Dr. Thomas W. Bicknell, and incorporated one year later under the laws of the Commonwealth of Rhode Island, as a National Society empowered to form subordinate Branches within the various states.

Dr. Bicknell applied the term Pilgrim broadly to all those who arrived in the American colonies prior to 1700 as "emigrants from restricted rights and privileges to a land of large opportunities and larger freedom."

Through the years Branches have been formed in thirty States and the District of Columbia, each with its own officers, and governed by By-laws modeled after those of the National Society. Since organization in 1908, the Society has had over 10,200 members, with current membership being approximately 1,500.


Any adult of good character, endorsed by two members of the Society, may obtain membership by submitting an application with proven lineal descent from any immigrant to the American Colonies prior to 1700, provided the application wins the approval of the Society's Registrar General. Membership includes the semi-annual Pilgrim News-Letter.
A non-voting Junior Membership is also available for those under age 18, upon similarly submitted application. Branches allow husbands and wives of members to have Associate Memberships.

For further information, contact Registrar General, NSSDP


First - To perpetuate the memory and to foster and promote the principles and virtues of the Pilgrims.
Second - To commemorate publicly, at stated times, principal events in the history of the Pilgrims and to erect durable memorials to historic men, women and events.
Third - To encourage the study and research of Pilgrim history, especially as related to the foundation of civil government on the principles of religious freedom.
Fourth - To foster and establish such departments of study and organizations as shall seem best to promote social rights, civic virtue, industrial freedom, political equality, the supremacy of just laws, the value and sacredness of the ballot, the purity of the home, temperate and godly living, and the dependence of individuals, communities, states and nations on the guidance of Almighty God, as taught by the Pilgrims.
Fifth - To the above objects stated by the Founder has been added another interest, that of work in Reforestration.


The major projects have been:
1). Support given to the General John J. Pershing Memorial Fund in Georgia;
2).Support given to the Cathedral of the Pines, in Rindge, NH, a National Memorial to all American War Dead;
3).Aid through scholarships and awards to the Cook Christian Training School for Indians, at Tempe, AZ;
4).And an award for excellancy in the study of Colonial History currently given to a student at William and Mary College in Williamsburg, VA.


Land of our Fathers! Ours to Preserve, Ours to Transmit. Liberty in Union; Now and Forever.


The Official Seal of the National Society provides the model for its Insignia, which depicts John Alden and Priscilla Mullins on their way to be married at Olde Forte Church on Burial Hill. The design is depicted in royal blue and gold, the Society's colors, and appears on the membership certificates. Rosettes, in the Society's colors, identify members.

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